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There are many, many white guys out there in the United States of America named Brian Clark; and even a few Brian M. Clarks as well. This particular Brian M. Clark is an avocational musician and writer, lover of cheap beer, and resident of scenic Denver, Colorado. He can be contacted at Brian@BrianMclark.com.

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Brian M. Clark

‒   Music   ‒
Unborn Ghost Airs of Contempt and Derision
(as Unborn Ghost)

LP / CD / Cassette
Released 2023
Nixing the Twist Nixing the Twist
(Film title theme)

Digital single
Released 2019
Multicolored Jam Multicolored Jam /
Sea of Heartbreak

(Feat. Brian M. Clark)

Digital single
Released 2019
Cimarron Moon Cimarron Moon /
Happy People

Digital single
Released 2016
Songs From The Empty Places Where People Killed Themselves Songs From The Empty Places Where People Killed Themselves

12" vinyl EP
Released 2011
Sunset Strip SS B/W Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt Sunset Strip /
Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt

(Feat. Brian M. Clark)

Digital single
Released 2008
‒   Books   ‒
¡Borracho! ¡Borracho! ¡Borracho! ¡Borracho! ¡Borracho! ¡Borracho!

Essays / Art / Travel Memoirs


Scheduled for publication in 2024.
Fuck All You Motherfuckers Fuck All You Motherfuckers


Paperback, 190 Pages.

Published 2010 / 2015
Boyd Rice: A Biography Boyd Rice: A Biography


Paperback, 236 Pages.

Published 2007 / 2015
What Will Really Happen in 2012? What Will Really Happen in 2012?


Paperback, 202 Pages.

Published 2010
(out of print)
‒   Interviews   ‒

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